Mirror Tool - v2.0

Klaudio Ladavac
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Mirror Tool is a small script, helper, to make object mirroring a bit more intuitive and fun. It is based on Maya (now legacy) Mirror Cut tool which is not available by default in Maya 2016 Extension 2 and up since there is now just one tool - Mirror. That said, Mirror Cut can still be used under the hood even in latest Maya 2018 releases so if you are missing Mirror Cut - here it is.

It comes with few improvements:

  • Quick +/- X, Y or Z axis mirror
  • No object disappearing or material/shader losing
  • Single button clean history and all mirror residuals in Outliner
  • Quick Step Rotate (mirror plane or mesh rotate)

Supported Maya versions

Maya 2018 - 2022+

The script should work on every Maya release from 2016 and up, including all Maya LT 2016 and up.  Mac OSX - not tested since i don't have Mac but it should work on all Maya versions mentioned above.

Tutorials / Help

  • Feature overview / installation for v2.0 > HERE
  • Features overview for v1.0 > HERE

Release Notes

--- v2.0 ---

  • NEW - Added option for Mirror Cut Plane positioning "presets". A toggle button on top with the option to position the mirror plane on World Axis, Object Center, Pivot Position, Normal Direction. 
  • NEW - Option to adjust vertices Merge Threshold for last applied mirror tool.
  • NEW - Rotate multiple objects at once when Shift+LMB on buttons.
  • NEW - Rotation preset values when you RMB click on Rotate field.
  • UPDATE - Mirror plane color changed to cyan to match the color in Outliner for the same node.
  • UPDATE - Dropped support for Maya 2015 and bellow. 
  • UPDATE - New installation process ( be sure to check out the new video for Mirror Tool).

--- v1.0 --- release: 12.18.2016

The initial release of v1.0

Important notes / Contact

  • You can use the script for personal or/and commercial work whether you are a freelance artist or you are working in the studio.
  • Please don't distribute/share, change script or reuse(copy/paste) the script code to make your own script.
  • The script is free and available for download only here via Gumroad. If your friends/colleagues want to use it, send them a direct Gumroad link instead, that way they will be able to get the notification if there is an update.

  • If you have feedback or/and suggestions feel free to send me a message on my email > klaudio2u@gmail.com
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(66 ratings)
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Mirror Tool - v2.0

66 ratings
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