Measure Tools - v2.1.1

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Measure Tool - is aimed for those who frequently use Maya's Distance Tool for measuring your objects, or distance between them, but also find it very clunky to use. This is a small utility, a helper, which makes Maya measuring tool "Distance Tool" a bit more quick and fun to use but also more useful and interactive on top of it.

Interactive means that you only have to select two vertices, on the same or can be on two different objects, press the button and it will add distance tool between those vertices which then Distance Tools will follow the vertices as you move components or object itself. 

For those who are dealing with US customary units (system of measurements), there is also a quick from-to unit converter.

Supported Maya versions

 Maya 2022 - 2024+
These versions are the ones I have tested the script and everything works fine. Also tested only on Win OS but it should work fine on Mac OSX too. 

Tutorials / Help

  • Installation / New in v2.0 > HERE
  • Installation / Overview / New in v1.2 > HERE
  • What's new in v1.1 > HERE
  • Installation / Overview v1.0 > HERE

Release Notes

--- v2.1 .1 ---

  • FIX - Removed special symbol for degrees in UI and some under the hood script update to reflect the change. This was causing error and script not to start or run on latest Maya version (2022 and later). More often would happen for those having system or/and Maya in non English language.

--- v2.1 ---

  • NEW - Option to set default precision for distance tool as well as adjust interactively on the fly existing ones in the scene.

--- v2.01 ---

  • FIX - Maya 2016 getting invalid flag '-hlc' error which makes the script fail to even start. 

--- v2.0 ---

  • NEW - Option to measure the Angle between selected vertices. 360 degrees calculation option since Maya can only calculate up to 180 degrees.
  • NEW - Option to constrain only on X or Y or Z axis as well as All axis at the same time.
  • NEW - X, Y, Z and ALL axis are colorized to easily distinguish between them if you have multiple. X-red, Y-green, Z-blue, ALL-white
  • NEW - Quick Auto UV (Options menu) - option based on "Automatic" UV creation - used for quick layout UVs if the object was modified, combined or overlapping UVs and distance tool is not positioning correctly.
  • NEW - Preferences (Options menu) - Customize or et default the colors of distance tools as well as set default color and creation size of its locators.
  • UPDATE - Delete selected distance tools is moved from RMB+click menu into its own button.
  • UPDATE - UI update - option to show/hide "Units Convert" part for those who use it only occasionally or don't use it at all.

---  v1.2  --- 

  • NEW - Option to delete only selected Distance Tool(s).
  • NEW - Option to select Locators of selected Distance tool or all in the scene at once - used to scale Locators appropriately and as needed. 
  • UPDATE - Distance Tool is now always separate and creates its 2 locators even when distance tools share the same vertice. 
  • UPDATE - UI Refresh

---  v1.1  ---

  • NEW - option to choose whether new created Distance Tool will be a constraint to selected vertices or just position new Distance Tool on selected vertices without constraints. 

---  v1.0  --- initial release - 07.02.2017

Important Notes / Contact

  • You can use the script for personal or/and commercial work whether you are a freelance artist or you are working in the studio.
  • Please don't distribute/share, change script or reuse(copy/paste) the script code to make your own script.
  • The script is free and available for download only here via Gumroad. If your friends/colleagues want to use it, send them a direct Gumroad link instead, that way they will be able to get a notification if there is an update.
  • If you have feedback or/and suggestions feel free to send me a message on my email >

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Measure Tools - v2.1.1

130 ratings
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