KTools - Booleans Toolkit

KTools - Booleans Toolkit

Klaudio Ladavac


For now, at least, there will not be KTools v2.0 nor you can get v1.0. This might change in the future once i sort all the personal problems first. Thank you for your understanding.

Supported Maya versions:  

WINDOWS (tested and works on):

  • Maya 2015 SP2 (should work in Extension release)
  • Maya LT 2016
  • Maya 2016 (including Extension 1 and 2)

MAC OSX (based on feedback from users):

  • Maya 2015
  • Maya 2016.5 (Extension 2)

I still don't have Mac OSX so i couldn't test it and see if some script changes are needed. Based on feedback from users it seems KTools works fine on above versions of Maya on Mac OSX.


KTools is Booleans Toolkit and collection of scripts intended to improve current booleans workflow in Autodesk Maya. 

The toolset will allow you to more easily and directly in viewport manipulate objects after you make boolean operation and move/rotate/scale, edit on component level and even use modeling tools like Bevel, MultiCut, Extrude..etc while at the same time still keeping boolean operation active. 
Besides boolean operation KTools has also a lot of other tools that will most certainly save you time like selecting Hard Edges only then apply Bevel on them, Dissolve Edges to help you clean after and if something goes wrong with geometry and one click Flip/Mirror options to just name the few of many. 

To learn everything about KTools from how to setup the script to how to use all the features make sure to carefully watch all the video tutorials (links below) as well as read Help and Installation PDF files provided with download.  

TUTORIALS (v1.00):

WHAT'S NEW - in v1.10


Please have in mind that i am no professional script maker or anything like that but since i really love modeling i really wanted to learn some MEL scripting for Maya to make my own simple modeling scripts, which eventually become KTools. This is a project that i started to make this script and learn MEL scripting at the same time so I have put a lot of time into making and testing it and make sure there is no problems, but computers as computers there is always something that could potentially go wrong. If you do notice some problems please first thoroughly read through provided (with download) PDF files - Installation and Help, and also watch all the video tutorials to be sure you didn't understand something very well or/and you are maybe doing something wrong. 
If the problem persists you can use one of the links below to contact me. 

If you have any questions, problem or suggestions how to improve KTools feel free to send me message on:

  • Facebook (Please use INBOX  messaging only!)

This product is not currently for sale.
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