Color Marker - v3.0

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Color Marker is a small Outliner/Viewport management script for Autodesk Maya that will allow you to add some colors in Outliner and the Viewport (mesh wireframe, deformers, curves, emitters, joints...) making it way easier to see and arrange stuff if you are dealing with the heavy scene.

A lot of people complained about the new icons after Maya 2016 was first released, especially guys who are doing rigging/animation type of work. This script should hopefully make things a bit easier not only for rigging/animation type of work but also managing objects while modeling. 


Maya 2018 - 2024+

All versions from Maya 2015 and older don't have this feature by default so it can't be used or make it work with older version of Maya.


  • v1.0 - Quick Overview / Installation > HERE
  • v2.0 - What's new  > HERE
  • v2.1 - What's new  > HERE
  • v3.0 - What's new  > HERE

INSTALLATION  > Load Script (.mel file only) in the Script Editor and run "Execute All" or/and Save Script to Shelf.


--- v3.01 ---

  • FIX - Fixed some duplicate variables warnings. (Redeclaration of variable shadows previous declaration type of things).

--- v3.0 ---

  • NEW- Option to choose wireframe color assign method. Either using Drawing Override on Transform node or using Maya tool "Wireframe color". This will also allow you to use Color Marker together with Display Layers.
  • NEW- Option to set color palette preset size
  • UPDATE- "Select" option should now be significantly faster to select lots of objects as well as it supports multi-selection which means you can select, for example, 2 objects with different colors and it will select all other objects with those 2 colors.
  • Other minor features i go over in the video above (tuts/help section).

This release was also where i have rewritten a good chunk of the script so if you notice some issues feel free to contact me by E-Mail at the bottom.

--- v2.1 ---

  • NEW - Added option to quickly randomize wireframe colors on selected objects.

--- v2.0 ---

  • NEW - Option to set "Viewport" color - color for object(mesh) wireframes, locators, curves, deformers, joints, emiters...
  • NEW - Set the same color for the Outliner and in the Viewport at the same time
  • NEW - Color correction for Outliner

--- v1.0 --- release date: 01.09.2016 


  • You can use the script for personal or/and commercial work whether you are a freelance artist or you are working in the studio.
  • Please don't distribute/share, change script or reuse(copy/paste) the script code to make your own script.
  • The script is free and available for download only here via Gumroad. If your friends/colleagues want to use it, send them a direct Gumroad link instead, that way they will be able to get a notification if there is an update.
  • If you have feedback or/and suggestions feel free to send me a message on my email >
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Color Marker - v3.0

141 ratings
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